Wayward Child


Hand-drawn Illustration + Graphic Design + Art Direction


The Brief

Design and development of two new wine labels for the Wayward Child wines by Helen & Joey Estate. These wines represent Helen & Joey Estate’s experimental nature and the journey they are on to find their unicorn.

The Wayward Child wines are Helen & Joeys take on limited release wines. Each release is a unique approach to wine making in the effort to create something amazing. The first Wayward Child is a co-fermentation experiment – Blending Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz & Merlot grapes straight from the vines. The second uses full skin contact fermentation Pinot Gris to get the strongest colour and weight. This method creates some interesting results in a wine with a rose-like colouring that has subtle characteristics typically found in sherry. Each year the vineyard will release a new Wayward Child and the label design is to encapsulate the essence of each release.



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